Synchronicity & Effort 

I know better than to believe in magic, but I find twinkling coincidence seductive. The above image is one Zdenek Burian did for a 1937 edition of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. I own a very expensive leather bound version of this book. It is unread for now. 

The year of this illustration’s creation is the one where Amelia Earhart and her navigator disappeared over the Pacific Ocean. This connection is interesting today because last night, out of nowhere, a story idea tapped on my window and I was able to make it come inside, if only briefly. 

The tale is a simple “what if?” kind of thing. What if Amelia Earhart survived a crash landing on an island, was discovered by Captain Nemo, and then teamed up with him to fight Nazi submarines in the Nautilus? 

This story kind of came to me out of nowhere, but it’s probably related to reading another shipwreck tale, Heart of a Samurai, earlier this week. The stories have little else in common. 

This is the kind of fun synchronicity that always seems to occur when I’m working my way through The Artists’s Way exercised. That book is firmly rooted in the idea there is magic in creativity and pursuing art is a blessed activity, especially if done with devotion. 

I maintain a cautious agnosticism regarding these asserted metaphysics. Yet the idea becomes more alluring the more I observe and do on this path. 


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