Commercial Success

I’d forgotten all about Stephen King’s earliest writing efforts, his self mimeographed stories sold to classmates in grammar school. The idea of making a work for my fellow students occurred to me, I made a comics featuring my friends and our enemies, but the idea of charging never did. 

To his day there seems to be a weird block in my mind about making money writing. It’s not a case of imposter syndrome exactly, lots of people approach me for work, so I know I have talent. At least enough to be a good copywriter. 

Copywriting is really more process oriented than writing stories and the results are measurable. Did the thing sell better after the words I wrote were attached to it? Great. 

Even though it’s the main goal for me, getting paid to write things I make up seems like borderline scamming. You can get paid to do something you’d do anyway? People do, so why not me?


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