Soundtracks for Books

My wife works hard and likes to relax listening to comedy. I love this about her, but I can’t read when people are talking. She refuses to wear headphones, the best solution, so I wear mine. 

Most of the time I just listen to white noise. I like the engine sounds of WW2 bomber planes and science fiction ships like The Enterprise and The Galactica. They’re quite soothing and do a solid job of muffling whatever is coming out of Mrs. Lott’s computer speakers. 

Lately I’ve been pairing classical music and movie soundtracks with my reading. Sometimes you can pick a movie with similar themes to what you’re reading and it makes for an enjoyable experience. 

I just finished reading a book about whaling titled Heart of a Samurai. I wanted something adventurous and nautical so I chose The Master and Commander soundtrack. It worked well for the most part,  but since the book has no sea batttles in it (at least with other ships), the more dramatic sections of the score don’t quite work as well. The Mozart violin concertos are ideal, though. I’ve really gotten quite a taste for his stuff lately. 

After I finished the whaling book I started re-reading Stephen King’s On Writing again. He’s so much a part of weird Americana I wanted something peculiar, kind of 1950s rock and roll, and upbeat, but in a queer way. So I picked some surf rock compilation of David Bowie covers. It might not be the combo for you, but damned if it isn’t the right selection for me. 

I’ve read this book several time since it came out. I even remember reading the original columns from The New York Times. Each time I find that I’m doing more and more of the things King recommends. I’m not sure if it’s progress or just me copying. It seems to be working. 

Usually I re-read this book with The Artist’s Way at the same time. I don’t know if I’ll do that this time. I’ve gotten the lessons down and I never find myself stuck. However, I do procrastinate. Which is why I gave myself a month off writing if I wanted to (I didn’t, but I am parking self promotion for now). 

On March 16th it’s a page a day of writing about goblins until I’m done. After that, the self promotion machine is back on, turned up to eleven. 


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