Posting Secretly 

After a year of writing online everyday, I’ve found the habit hard to kick. So I’m going to just jot a few things down from time to time. Jots can become epics if you aren’t careful, though. 

This is just a place to collect thoughts and inspiration about writing now. Fingers crossed, maybe I can make the big bucks like Maria Popova. What a life she has. 

Anyway, the picture above is from Neil Gaiman’s essay book, The View from the Cheap Seats. It was the title of a talk he gave about creativity to a class graduating college. It’s inspiring and should be read by anyone trying to make a go of the freelance life. 

There’s one bit in particular I quite enjoyed because I’m a member of the scribbling proletariat. And it’s this three part system on how to get more work:

1. Do great work you are proud of. 

2. Be easy to work with. 

3. Turn things in on time. 

Gaiman suggests you can get by with two out of three and work. You have to do all three to be great. It’s taken me years of chasing this triplet to get where I am now, which is at the first step of good work and a decent career. 


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