New Orleans is Changing 

My Aunt’s weird mid-century swamp house in Metairie.

My wife found a gluten free vegan King Cake. Then the cafe that alway charged a dollar for soy milk had almond milk out on the counter. We found a vegan restaraunt with a tolerable, but not great, gumbo. Their bengeits were skippable. 

The biggest shocker of all? I was able to order a vegan sandwich for Mrs. Lott at my second favorite restaraunt, Butcher. I didn’t think that place even had a veggie that wasn’t in cole slaw or made into a pickle. 

There is a yoga and Pilates studio three blocks from my aunt’s house. I saw cyclists and joggers and a couple of Crossfits. There are good jiu-jitsu schools. 

All of my friends, thanks to podcasts and such, are up on all the latest shit. I used to be at least a few months ahead of them because I lived on a coast. Those days are done. 

Young black kids dress like skate punks. Latte sipping blonde women blast Lil’ Wayne out of their Range Rovers. 

The state is still red, but it’s definitely more of a Libertarian red. To me that means leave me the hell alone, but have at your gay marriage and medical weed, and, oh yeah, are we still on for crawfish later? 

When I was last  at a shooting range here I met two nice gay men learning to shoot pistols. It seemed like a fun date. 

Things are indeed changing, but the city is as beautiful as ever. Neighborhoods that were slow to recover after Katrina seem to be finally in better repair. 

Of course there are issues. Heroin is out of control. Murders are up. Crime is having a renaissance. For the criminal justice system, it feels like the 90s. 

I would move back here in a heartbeat. I don’t know what I’d do for a living. Maybe try to be a cop with my friends or something. There’s not much for my wife to do here, but she seems to be learning to appreciate the slowed down pace. She actually seems relaxed. 

This was a good trip. 


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