Listen to Your Friends’ Shows

The above picture of weird beards, from left to right, is of myself and the Popcorn, Piss, and Vinegar Guys: Chris, Scott, and John. 

The four of us are old school Metry boys (though I’ve been in California a little too long to be legit) that ended up with film podcasts. Yesterday I was on their show and it was a blast. We praised the ’82 Poltergeist and shit all over the ’15 version. 

I like their show quite a bit. They’re guys who have good taste, but still keep it retarded. That makes it fun. Their show is a bit different than the one I do with my pal Marc. For one thing, they are a lot more current than us and they don’t just stick to one genre. While Scary Thoughts is all horror, they go wider into genre pop culture. They’ve also been friends for years and the vibe is, as they describe it, like a locker room. I agree. It’s that in the best possible way. I absolutely admire their frequency and consistency. 

PP&V is  a bit like stumbling into a dive bar in Louisiana and meeting film buffs who dig Kevin Smith, comics, rock music, and good TV shows. When I get homesick, which is often, this show always makes me feel a little better while I’m out on the West Coast trying to make things happen and keep my wife happy. 

If you think you might want to start a podcast, just do it. It’s a ton of fun and gives you a great excuse to hang with your smart, funny friends. 

There’s more than enough info about how to handle the technical stuff online, but if you need some help, feel free to email me at Anything I don’t know, I can find out from Marc, who does the heavy lifting on our show. 

In addition to being enjoyable, podcasting can help you explore what you’re into with more attention and dedication. Thinking deeply about the films I enjoy has opened them up in a way I wasn’t expecting. 

When you’re starting out, it’s good to pick a subject to focus on. Whatever you know a lot about is perfect. You might think it’s inane, but trust me. Your tribe is out there waiting for you. 

Personally, I don’t expect to get rich doing this, however, even now in the early days my show has introduced me to some great new people and has started to crack open a few doors I’ve always wanted to knock on. Having a podcast is a bit like being in a punk band. Especially if you start getting on other people’s shows and supporting each other. 

If any of you have a podcast and need a guest, Marc and I would be jazzed to come on. We are both in the Bay Area, but technology makes it easy to phone in (though no one has a really great solution for sound quality for call in guests). 

Podcasting is one of the projects I’m dialing this blog down to pursue. I’d like to get more episodes of Scary Thoughts out and promote it a little more heavily. I’m very proud of it and honestly think it might be the best horror movie podcast out there. Most people start with our first episode about Stranger Things. Our 10th episode, that’s just about the hosts, is also really good, though maybe not as interesting if you don’t know us. 

More than anything I want you to start your own show. Are you a black metal baker? Awesome. Tell me more. A sex fiend who likes musicals? Yes, please. Do you smoke dope and play frisbee golf while thinking about The Stoics? Record that shit. 

It has never been easier to do this sort of thing. The podcast ecosystem is very full right now, but just like bands, most of them are terrible. With a little effort, consistency, and decent microphones, you can be in the top 10% of your niche within a year. 

I’ll post the episode of PP&V when it goes up on Facebook and The my Instagram accounts @chadfredlott and @scarythoughts.podcast 


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