Eating at Seither’s is Essential

New Orleans is one of the world’s great food cities, but last night I went to a place deep in Harrahan, Louisiana called Seither’s. It’s a perfect seafood joint. 

My cousin and his kid and I started with five pounds of crawfish, pictured above. Truthfully, I never quite enjoyed the experience of tearing into crustaceans and eating their brains or whatever when I was younger. It had been about fifteen years since I’d even had crawfish. Times change and tastes change, though, and I completely enjoyed it. 

Jason Seither’s recipe is incredible. He uses wild caught crawfish instead of the flavorless aquafarmed variety. The spice mix is his own and rather than generic potatoes, the veggies that everything gets boiled with are an esoteric mix of great choices: whole heads of garlic, celery, carrots, and other unidentifiable bits. 

My cousin’s kid, who I refer to as my nephew, ate about half the pile and showed no signs of fatigue. 

I also had to order my favorite seafood dish, The Three Amigos. This is an old school plate of fried oysters, shrimp, fries, and buttered French bread. This is not health food. This is something given to man by the swamp gods. I like to eat it with heavily spiced cocktail sauce, which is a bit uncouth in the way dipping all your sushi in wasabi is.  No matter, the dish is mine. 

My cousin ordered the special, Kung Fu Tuna. This is an interesting mix of fried seafood, rice, seared tuna, and an Impressionist drizzle of various sauces. While my preference is for the traditional recipes offered, Seither’s does a lot of Asian inspired fusion dishes that are highly enjoyable. 

The normal Louisiana recipes and crawfish boil eats are served as they’ve always been served: on utility dishes designed to survive fishing camps and Mardi Gras. 

Jason’s originals come out on loud, borderline garish plates. The dishes are piled high and decorated with sauces in a way that recalls the artistic cuisine showcased in the film American Psycho, but it’s loose and wild like Animal House. The flavors and portions are big. I love everything about it them. 

About halfway through our meal, a couple of chef friends of ours dropped by (still in their white coats and checked pants) and sat with us. They asked the waitress to surprise them with the kitchen’ favorites. 

The kitchen fired out multiple plates of pure decadence. Giant fried oysters, delicate seared Ahi, Cajun vegetables, it just kept coming. 

The only issue with this place is if you are married to a vegan as I am. There is nothing for them. Not even a salad.  But that’s ok. I had to endure the awful bullshit fake farm-to-table vegan cuisine of Los Angeles. So my wife called us even, took a knee, and sat this one out. Problem solved. 

If you’re visiting, this place will not be on any of your guides because it’s in the cuts. It’s nowhere near Bourbon St. or any of the other tourist traps. The only other thing I know to do in this part of town is to shoot guns at a great range where they let you do quick fire drills, which as far as I know is forbidden in California. 

If you are about food this place is essential. It’s my current favorite restaraunt and I’d be fat as fuck if I lived near it. 


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