Make It Happen

The last few days of this 365 days of blogging are starting to feel like the last two miles of a half marathon. I always get excited and happy when I see the final mile markers. It’s a weird personal happiness, but you can look around your fellow runners and see other people experiencing it. 

Half marathons, unlike full marathons, are doable by pretty much anyone who can walk fast. I’d say this blog thing is the same. You have to decide you want to do it and then don’t stop. That’s the only secret. Don’t stop. That’s pretty much the secret to everything. 

The two things I’ve stopped doing over and over again are writing a book and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I’ve been writing my whole life and haven’t written a book. I started with jiu jitsu in 2001 and am still a super soft white belt. I have a feeling this will bug me when I’m very old. 

This year of blogging has finally shown me the path to success in all things: do what you want to do, set a real goal, and then do that thing every single day. 

Now excuses. No stopping. 


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