Creative Partnerships and Podcasting


Writing is traditionally a solitary pursuit. I’m always curious about books with co-authors. The process likely varies drastically from project to project, but the idea of writing part of something and letting someone else takeover is weird to me.

Podcasting is entirely different. It’s more like being in a band and that makes it more fun. Lots of people think it’s just a conversation, but the real trick is that it’s the performance of a conversation. The best podcasts flow improvisational, like a jazz number. Like jazz, they work best when all participants have command of their instrument. The podcasters instruments are their ideas and voices.

There are lots of people who do solo podcasts, but with few exceptions, two or three participants are better than one. It’s just livelier. The conversation can go in unexpected directions. Writing, as I do it, can be improvisational as well, but it always requires editing. You have to get back in there and fiddle with things for it to be better. In a way, you’re present self is collaborating with your past self. I just hope that my future self isn’t too bummed at these jokers for doing a bad job.

This weekend I’ll be in New Orleans. One of the trip’s highlights will be appearing on my old friend Chris’ podcast, Popcorn, Piss, and Vinegar. This is a real treat for me. We’re going to be talking about the 1982 and 2015 versions of the film Poltergeist. The original is still great, the remake is doing its part to ensure remakes have a reputation for sucking. I expect the conversation to be a lot of fun.



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