Bring Back Food Pics


Every few days I’ll see someone on Facebook post something like “the idea is to fill Facebook up with pictures of X to combat hate.” X in this case is usually art or album covers or some other pablum. They never catch on because America is stuck in the throes of an awful dopamine addiction.

Every vile political post is an opportunity to yell into your personal echo chamber or signal your virtues for all to see. Each little like triggers your brain to release a sweet drip of neuro-chemical nectar. Each illogical reply fills your heart with the kind of righteous fury William Wallace must’ve felt avenging his dear wife in Braveheart.

It’s intoxicating stuff, but it’s fucking lame.

I’ve noticed one group of friends in Louisiana who seem to be retuning to a more sensible and unimportant social media practice: posting pictures of food. In the past few days I’ve seen tables of crawfish. Plates of boudin. King cakes and coffee. Huge muffulettas. All the stuff that makes the greater New Orleans area the best place in America.

My cousin just posted some pics from my current favorite restaurant in Louisiana, Seither’s. That place is just an old school style seafood joint (pronounced “jernt”), but done so perfectly, with just enough innovation, that there’s no way the owner Chef Jason Seither is going to be able to remain un-famous. If you’re visiting New Orleans, make sure you make your way out to Harrahan and give this spot a try.

I’m about to visit New Orleans and I’m going to eat myself into discomfort every single day. The last few posts for this year of blogging will be done while I’m there, so expect no politics and lots of insanely good food.




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