Cook With Your Bros 

I’ve been going on about how fucked restaurants are for a few weeks now. In the Bay Area, the cost of eating out is insane. Between the enhanced minimum wages, expensive utilities, brutal rent, and stiff competition, it’s hard to get out of anyplace for under $15. 

It’s a tough business and I’m not suggesting we abandon eating out, but if you’re on a budget and you want to have a nice long meal with friends, truly a great thing to do, its tough. If you want to eat somewhere decent and maybe have a beverage, you’re looking at $25-35 a person. Add on any niceties like sustainability and seasonality, and it’s even more. 

My solution to this is old school: cook at someone’s house with your friends. People show up for BBQs, but why not for a regular weekend lunch? Why not make the cooking part of the hang? 

Today I finally got together with a couple of friends to cook; my old friends Josh and Gene.

We bought extremely nice dry-aged steaks from Whole Foods, some potatoes, aged 30 month cheddar, and some Brussels sprouts. Josh cooked everything and we drank copious amounts of coffee and root beer (we are a teetotaloing threesome). It was outrageously decadent and we only spent $20 each. 

I’m going to do more of that. 


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