Henry Rollins is Still Great


Henry Rollins was on Joe Rogan’s show today. I’ve heard him on a few interviews recently and for whatever reason, wasn’t quite as fired up hearing him as I used to. Today’s interview was one of the best I’ve heard from him in years. It made me want to work five times as hard.

He has inspired the way I try to work and the way I approach creativity more than anyone else. His whole modus operandi is to work as hard as possible and be as humble as possible. I wish I had 1/10th of his output. No one makes me feel as lazy as Rollins does.

I need to write more. I need to read more. I need to work more. I need to see more.

I could probably write a hundred blog posts about why Rollins is great, but you should just go straight to the source and listen to him on the JRE.


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