OG Nazi Puncher 

There’s a lot of talk about the video of white nationalist dweeb Richard Spencer getting sucker punched by that black bloc dork . It was the most perfect example of a nerd fight I’ve ever seen. 

Spencer was right in the middle of explaining, of all things, his Pepe pin. Then from off camera comes a punch, that if thrown by a person with strength, should have obliterated spencer. Trust me. I’ve watched at least 50 knockout game videos on LiveLeak. 

It’s weird hearing so-called normal thinking people fight over the communist’s duty vs the fascist’s rights. I bet any living WW2 vets are just like, “I remember when we had enough heart to hate Reds and Nazis.” You don’t have to choose a side here. It’s just funny if you let it be.  

If you don’t see the humor of Howdy Doody Hitler getting attacked by a Hot Topic ninja, I just can’t help you. 

How good is that last line as a quote?

Anyway, if you’re going to go after Nazis, you should do it like the man pictured above. That’s old time Jewish Strongman Joseph “The Mighty Atom” Greenstein. One of my all time heroes. 

He did all kinds of crazy strongman carny shit and early MMA fighting, starting back in the 1920s. My favorite of his feats took place in 1939 in New York. A lot of people don’t know this, but there was a massive American Nazi movement. A March in New York was said to have 20,000 participants. Can you imagine that shit? Those assholes wore the armbands and everything. 

The Nazis had an office in New York with a “No Jews” sign out front. Greenstein, a proud Jew, took offense and ripped the sign, and some say a Nazi flag, down from the building. He called out to the occupants and 19 answered. He met them in the street and smashed them to pieces single handledly. Some eyewitnesses said he used a bat. 

He  defended himself in court against charges of Aggravated Assault, Grievous Bodily Harm, and Mass Mayhem. The judge could not believe a man of Greenstein’s size (he was small like Wolverine in the comics) had done all this damage. Not all of the plaintiffs made it to court to testify because many were still badly injured and in the hospital. 

The Judge asked him about the fight. Greenstein said, “It wasn’t a fight, your honor. It was a pleasure!”

The cops on the scene reckoned the Nazi scum “was harassing this nice Jewish gentleman” and he was only defending himself. The case was dismissed. Unable to serve in the war directly, Greenstein spent the rest of war years doing feats of strength at shows to help sell war bonds. He may have roughed a few more local fascists up down the road. 

Greenstein was also a vegetarian and was doing a lot of the modern mobility and movement training before anyone reading this was born. He was very, very cool. 

I have a book about him called The Spiritual Journey of Joesph Greenstein. I’ve had it for a few years and it ended up being pretty valuable for a paperback , about $50. Seeing that book increase in value has actually made me a little more concerned about the conditions and editions of books I buy. A lot of books coming into the house these days are in hardcover. 

I’m really enjoying reading the Penguin Classics version of The Count of Monte Cristo. I already wrote about how I love the story, but the feel of the book, its heft, the silky red placeholder, the rough grain of the cover’s weave. It all feels wonderful in bed on a very cold day.  

I have really been powering through books lately. I’m still pretty hooked on World War 2 bios, but I also have a stack of classics and a few philosophy books that should keep me busy until February. I wish I had more time for it. 


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