Sunday Advice Column #47

Anthony Hopkins in mild(?) blackface(!) as Othello. Bob Hopkins is Iago on the right.

I don’t have much a theme for this week, but I’ve been thinking a lot about Anthony Hopkins and the rest of the actors from his theater days who made it big in Hollywood: Bob Hoskins, Patrick Stewart, and Ian McKellan, to name the big guys.

Hopkins is deservedly praised for his recent run in HBO’s Westworld. Stewart looks like he’s dialing up the pathos on his Professor X performance to 11 in the Logan trailer. Unfortunately, Bob Hoskins is dead, but he was awesome in Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

The true hero of this venerable crew of salty old thespians is undoubtedly Ian McKellan, who rocked the greatest sign of all at the Women’s March:


In anyone else’s hands, with the possible exception of Patrick Stewart himself, this sign would’ve just been pretty good. With Stewart’s best friend Gandolf/Magneto hoisting it high, it wins all. Just take it in. It’s better than watching that white power Pepe cultist get the limp beta leftist Antifa-administered sucker punch to the side of his ludicrously coiffed dome.

Don’t think we’re not going to talk about Hopkins in blackface. Shakespearian actors have long been true artists willing to make interesting choices to bring the Bard’s words to life. In the olden days, all the performers in his troupes were male. Think about that. The first run of Romeo and Juliet had two grown men portraying the most angsty teen romance of all time.

Hopkins is so good as Othello, I think his “Moorish” makeup probably gets a pass from most people. It’s not exactly the super racist American/French style blackface, but it’s certainly a white guy getting darkened up for a role. This was a while back, but it’s hard to imagine this being Kosher today.

On to your questions.

What is a good song that you never get tired of hearing?

I never get tired of hearing Creedence Clearwater Revival’s Fortunate Son.

What term, phrase, or saying do you hate to hear?

I hate it when people start a sentence with “actually” because you know they’re about to barf some boring NPR facts on your half informed hot-take. BORING!

In which movies did the villain actually have a point?




If you could re-elect one living ex-US president back to the white house, who would it be? 

George Washington.

What is the worst damage that Trump could do to U.S. democracy and its Constitution in 4 years?

If all of our celebrities moved to Canada, that would be a great tragedy.


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