The Inauguration Crowds 

Legit massive crowds at the women’s march.
I’m old enough to remember a few months ago when a lot of my friends were sharing a picture of enormous crowds at Woodstock. It’s an impressive picture. The only problem with it was it was supposed to represent the assembled protesters at Standing Rock. 

People shared this around without even doing a basic Google image check. 

Yesterday I saw pictures showing extremely thin crowds at Trump’s inauguration. The most commonly distributed meme showed the massive crowds at Obama’s inauguration compared to Trump’s. As I predicted, these small crowd shots ended up being inaccurate. If you watched the live feed that day, you would’ve seen proof with your own eyes. People showed up. 

However, I also watched Obama’s inauguration and the crowds were fucking insanely huge. His election was historical and deeply inspiring to young people. A lot of people showed up. 

Trump’s election has been…well…something people disagree about. Trump’s reign started with massive protests. The black bloc, who simultaneously want you to believe that they are badasses who will do whatever it takes to shut shit down and that all the vandalism is done my undercover government agents, were out in force. Some are suggesting they were successful in keeping the crowds away. 

I think a lot of Trump’s votes were more about sticking it to Hillary. Those voters aren’t coming out to kiss the ring. 

Trump’s Press Secretary laid into the media today for what he calls unfair reporting about the size of the crowds. I think he has a point about the media manipulating the truth here, but there is no way anyone could possibly believe Trump had more people out than Obama did. The Press Secretary is claiming Trump had the biggest crowd ever. 

Come on man, we know you’re supposed to be the Presidential Liar, but a whopper this big on the first day is really pushing it. The pictures of the Obama inauguration show beyond capacity crowds, and even the most pro-Trump pictures don’t show anything like that.

Today’s women marches are perhaps even larger than Obama’s crowd. People are fired up and out in force. If there’s a story about crowd size that’s worth telling, it’s that one. 

Trump and his people seem to be incapable of saying something positive or unifying. He should’ve said something like:

“We had a lovely event and a lot of people came out. We might not have pulled in Obama’s numbers, but hey, we didn’t have Bon Jovi performing, either. 

The real crowd to pay attention to is today’s women’s march. It’s hyuge. The biggest crowd of women ever. It shows what badasses American women are and we look forward to doing a great job on their behalf and hope they make it to the next inauguration.” 

That’s it. Easy. No defensive nonsense about crowd size. He could still attack the press for unfair reporting, but in a way that highlights the women’s march. We all know politicians are full of crap when they say this kind of shit, but it’s kind of the proper thing to do. Bush 1, Clinton, W, and Obama all at least pretended to like everyone. 

However, logic, reason, and kindness are out of fashion. Instead, we get this goofball coming out and telling everyone Trump was the best. 

If I was the dictator in charge of the country I would immediately fire all the senators and congressmen and replace them with NASA employees and CPAs. You want nerds running things. And not those Silicon Valley fake nerds with their Betabrand sweatsuit pants, either. Real number-crunching-could-not-be-cool-no-matter-what-nerds. 

Throw a few former soldiers in for good measure, and we’d be on the right track. 

But I’m not in charge, so we will have to have more bad reporting and thin skinned leadership. And that is deeply lame. 


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