Slow News Day


I’m sure some absolutely buck wild shit happened somewhere today, but I managed to stay off news sites and get quite a bit of work done today. The freelance work has been rolling in and I never say no to any work, so I’ve got a bit to do.

On account of a super fun project I can’t talk too much about, I’m calling this one early. This time tomorrow I’ll be relaxing in LA with the wife and getting ready to run the Star Wars Half Marathon in Disneyland. I haven’t run a single time since I set my PR at the Tiburon Half Marathon before Thanksgiving. This isn’t too unusual a training plan for me. Hopefully all my bike riding and home calisthenics will pay off.

I’ve lost quite a bit of weight (down to 145lbs) with this bullshit cough and asthma keeping my appetite and activity down. It doesn’t seem like 5 or 10 lbs would make much of a difference, but for distance running, lighter always seems better. Fortunately this race is kind of a slow one because there are a lot of people who just walk it and take pictures of all the cool stuff  to see. Disney really does it right.

Last year when we ran the race I was completely wiped out financially after we bought the loft in West Oakland. If you’re buying soon, I recommend having about $5K more than you think you need through the move because you will need it. Anything that can add cost to an already expensive event will probably happen.

I didn’t have that extra money so when I got to the race expo, I didn’t have any money to buy any of the cool Force Awakens gear. I didn’t love Episode 7, so I wasn’t heart broken, but I absolutely enjoyed Rogue One. I have a little surplus freelance dollars this year, so it’s going to be nerd Christmas in January for me.



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