Marital Bliss


Eight years ago my wife and I gathered with a small group of our close friends and one mortal enemy to tie the knot in a strange little chapel in the French Quarter. The ceremony was short and sweet and at the end of it we used a long pole to pin a bill from Thailand on the ceiling with hundreds of other notes, as is the tradition there.

It was a quirky, fun ceremony and we have a lot of good memories from it. I’m glad because as my dad said at the time, “a woman wants her first marriage to be a special one.”

It remains the happiest day of my life and all the years that followed have been better than they had any right to be. Mrs. Lott and I have become a strong team and are entering what I think might be the best year of our sixteen years together so far.

Marriage is hard work, don’t let any fool or salesman tell you otherwise, but it’s worth it when you find the right one. If you’ve found that person, do what it takes to hold on to them and treat them better than you imagine you can. It’s easy to undo everything with an angry word or a lapse into selfishness.

Mrs. Lott is still my best friend and the person I spend the most time with. There isn’t much in my life she hasn’t made better, even when she’s made things difficult. I’ve never met a more hard working person. I’ve never seen anyone comport themselves with as much class. She shows up. She sticks to her guns and has zero quit.

I hope we have 80 more great years together. That would make me as happy as any man ever has been. I truly hope anyone reading this finds what we have, because it is rare and it is worth fighting for.


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