2017 Prediction: Action Will Matter


Anyone who watched UFC 207 last night was treated to one of the fastest knockouts in the sport’s history by a super talented fighter named Amanda Nunes. If you were a casual fan who had only watched the UFC’s commercials before the event you might not have known a thing about her.

And that’s a damed shame. She’s tremendous.

Ronda Rousey, who dominated the women’s side of the sport, was still billed as the dominant fighter by the promotion and the Vegas odds makers. This seemed crazy to me. Rousey changed absolutely nothing about her camp following her crushing defeat at the shin-to-the-face kick of former champion Holly Holm.

Following her previous defeat, Rousey did what it looks like a lot of America is doing right now. But feeling sorry for yourself and then not doing a damned thing different is a recipe for failure.

Rousey’s coach, Edmond Tarverdyan, is widely hated by the MMA world because he seems to have zero talents except the ability to fill a potentially talented fighter’s head with delusions about their standup game. If there’s a takeaway here, it’s that you should always get a second opinion about the value of your skill set and then aggressively seek to fix problems, and be wiling to change everything in your approach if necessary.

This is a great way to approach your life. Look at it with clear eyes. Look at the things that aren’t working. Then be ruthless in unearthing your faults. Once you have discovered them, crush them mercilessly. If it’s something you really can’t improve, then move on and work on something else.

The wrong move is to stay the course and blame others, even when they are legitimately to blame. If someone did stand in your way or continues to stand in your way, you have to defeat them. The only way to do that is to actively seek improvement. The version of you that lost will keep losing if you don’t make an adjustment.

If social media is to be believed, the armies of Mordor are at the gates and the world will soon be ending because we are about to run out of 80s icons. I do not believe the lies of social media.

2016 was pretty kick ass for me. Sure, I shed a tear or two for Carrie Fisher, but on the whole, I was rewarded for the effort I put in this year. I expect to be even more successful in 2017 because I have a taste for victory and a battle plan:

Spend less than I make. Save the difference.

Workout even when I don’t want to. Be consistent.

Listen to more Manowar and read more fiction.

Eat more good food than bad food. Cook at home.

Make more time for friends. Spend less time online.

Work on my skills. Write every day. Raise my freelance rates.

Drink more water. Watch less TV. Don’t pretend Netflix isn’t TV.

That’s pretty much what I did in 2016 and it worked. And it wasn’t like everything went smooth either. I had about $5k in dental bills, I still don’t own a motorcycle or an AR-15 because I got nickel and dimed by life and the IRS, and I’m ending the year with my first serious case of asthma in two decades (thanks West Oakland). We lost some good people (I’m not talking about celebrities). I was way more disagreeable than I should’ve been to some people.

But that shit can and will be overcome. My plan is to get more aggressive on what worked and cut out everything that didn’t. 2017 is going to be excellent because I’m going to force it to be. You should grab it by the face, too.





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