Love the Small Moments


In Good Will Hunting there’s a scene where therapist Sean Maguire, played by Robin Williams, is telling Will about a funny little memory he has of his wife: she farted so loud while sleeping she woke the dog up.

This is about as perfect a piece of dialog about love and life as exists in film. Anyone who has been married for any amount of time knows the absolute grace of these small memories. We all have them and we should all think about them more often.

Big, sweeping statements grab attention, but it’s these intimacies that’ll drive you to tears when no one is looking. Which brings me to the passing of Carrie Fisher and a tweet from her French Bulldog, Gary. I was holding it together over this loss until I read this:


It might be because my wife took home a little dog from a recently departed friend this week, but this hit me in the heart in a way I didn’t expect it to. These little animals are part of our lives in so many unexpected ways. They are almost like physical manifestations of these small, wonderful moments.

I don’t really have anything else to say here. It’s already pretty rambling thanks to a three day Theraflu bender.

Also, if anyone’s wondering where the transition from Good Will Hunting to Carrie Fisher, well, blame Kevin Smith’s Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. I’ll take the blame for the awkward and emotional writing here, though.



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