Well, I’ve Got the Plague


I thought I’d be able to beat the gnarly sickness my wife brought home with her by sheer force of will and anger. It turns out that strategy only works for 90% of life. The other 10% require orange juice and medicine.

I haven’t been properly sick in many years, which seemed odd to me because I spent a lot of my time as a kid sick with pretty severe asthma. Last night was the first time I’ve had an “oh shit, it might be hospital time” scare for asthma in about 18 years. Thanks to the brutally expensive, but excellent drug Adair, I’m basically asthma free.

It’s crazy how emotional a feeling like not being able to breathe from asthma can be. As I coughed and wheezed a million childhood memories of sickness and sadness swept over me. It was not fun.

My asthma has been noticeably worse since I moved to West Oakland a year ago. Mrs. Lott doesn’t seem to believe it, but I’ve upped the dose of Advair I take and there are a million different articles online about how this industrial shit hole is basically asthma alley. 37% of adults who grew up here suffer from asthma. I’m willing to bet the dust from scrap metal recyclers, concrete factories and who knows what else around here is contributing.

Just more reason to save money and move to the mountains. That’s the dream one day. To be in a beautiful place with no one or no industry around. I can’t wait.


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