Ho Ho Ho

Merry Christmas everyone. I’m pleased to report that we have once again won a battle in the War on Christmas. There shall be another holiday in 365 days. 
Tree parts were hung. I listened to the Charlie Brown Christmas Special soundtrack and I watched the Wes Anderson directed H&M commercial because it’s good. 

In the morning I will see once again what Mrs. Lott has chosen for me that isn’t at all what was on the very specific list I provided. It’s her annual tradition. I’m sure it will be cool. Probably. Maybe it will be wrapped?

I always play it safe and get what she wants. Happy wife, marginal reduction in strife. 

This is our second Christmas here. Of all we have experienced this past year, I think the thing I’m actually most grateful for is that our old dog Nikki is still with us. They told us she wasn’t going to make it to last Christmas. But she healed up and is living as a healthy, borderline feral senior dog with two very annoying younger dogs. 

I’m sure there’s some more important human milestones that happened. I know people had kids and shit, but you sort of measure time by an old dog friend’s life. Nikki saw me get out of college and quit bartending. She watched Mrs. Lott’s career bloom. And she got to see two Christmas Eves in West Oakland. 

She’s warm in our bed right now. Visions of birds to murder dancing in her head. 

So to all out there in the world. I hope you’re as happy as I am right now. You deserve to be. 


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