Blackout Friday Night

Well, it’s officially our first night with blown transformers. Apparently this is a common occurance in this neighborhood. Along with diminished postal services and mail theft. 

It’s striking how much better the city services seem to be rolled out in different areas of Oakland. Over in Piedmont and Rockridge the streets seem clean. Or at least not covered in broken glass. I swear it rains bottles over here. 

The mail thing is a bummer. It seems like the postal workers are scanning items as delivered and then just tossing them around the streets. 

Typical government workers, I guess. 

This more or less marks a year of living in West Oakland. I like my commute. I like that we aren’t in SF. I do keep finding interesting little pockets to explore over here,  it not much. Honestly, all I really do is go to work and come home. I’d probably be out and about more if I had a motorcycle or a car. But that isn’t an excuse anymore. My bicycle is totally setup and fun to ride. I even rode around a bit while it was raining today and it wasn’t bad. 

I’ve decided to take a solid month off of any writing after I’m done with 365 posts. Those evenings, instead of sitting around writing, are going to be spent going out. There are a bunch of things I’d like to do. It’s time to recharge the creative juices. 

Hopefully the power is back on soon. 


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