A Great Christmas


Tonight is one of those nights where I just want to lay down and watch a movie. I wish the damned theaters let you download opening weekend movies. I’d pay $45 just to be able to watch something at home free of the subhuman dopes that bark and drool at the theaters.

Who wants to deal with that?

One of the earliest theater experiences I can remember is seeing The Empire Strikes Back. I had seen  A New Hope on LaserDisc and was completely and utterly hooked on Star Wars. I guess every kid in America was.

The scene I remember most was when the Millennium Falcon was inside the space worm. It seemed like a haunted house. I remember thinking the mynoks were ghosts. Boy was I a rube.


That Christmas was one of the best I ever had. I had a pretty lonely childhood, but my mom certainly threw down in the toy store. I got an AT-AT , The Millennium Falcon, and a Snowspeeder. That was pretty much the most badass combo of toys you could ever have. I couldn’t even believe how cool it was. I had the rebels take over the AT-AT and let the Tie-Fighter pilot fly bounty hunters around.

My cousin and I also got those crazy plastic lightsabers that made whooshing noises when you swung them around. We beat the hell out of each other with them. After my grandmother’s flyswatter we were pretty much invulnerable to stinging pain. That was an angry woman.



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