This Is the World Now. Are You Ready?


The assassin pictured above is standing over the body of his victim, the Russian ambassador to Turkey. Everything about this picture should terrify you. The brazenness. The intensity. The message. The cinematic quality of the act.

He is clear about what he wants. He has pledged to die. He made an oath. In the next few days a lot will be said about this man, but it should be crystal clear to everyone that he is not fucking around. There are a lot of people like him who are not fucking around.

This is the new normal. Sitting at home binging on Netflix and signing online petitions, pretending everything’s fine, won’t stop this. Only hard people with bullets and bombs will. That’s not me. Not by a long shot. It’s probably not you either.

So what should we do? Make this country worth the blood spilled by the men and women who fight this war. Make it better. Start with the people close to you. Put your house in order. Then put your block in order. Then put your neighborhood in order. Then put your city in order. Keep going until it’s so bad ass everyone who comes here wants to get a bald eagle tattoo to commemorate its greatness.

Make a difference. Start now. The enemy is already out of the gate.



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