Late Night Snack Options


This is going to go down as my worst post, for sure. I just made a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. This is to my mind the perfect thing to eat before bed. I usually give the dog a little peanut butter just to fuck with him. Watching that little goblin eat peanut butter is better than TV.

Except maybe for Westworld. I mean, he only licks his face for like 15 seconds. It doesn’t exactly compare to Maeve and her wrecking crew of robot savages.

I think we’re going to do an episode about Westworld in a few months on Scary Thoughts. There’s a professor who is an AI critic I’d like to have on. Either him or a friend who works at a machine learning company. I don’t think I could have them both on or the show wouldn’t get talked about at all.

If you’re reading this and you listen to the show, rejoice! The Lost Boys episode is out in a week or so with Gremlins landing right before Yule. If Odin wills it.

Lost Boys is in the can. It was a really fun conversation. We walked out a theory that the city of Santa Carla was socially engineered by the vampires and the “certain ghouls and werewolves [who] occupy high positions at city hall” mentioned by the Frog Brothers. Lost people would come to this lawless city and fall into a lazy dream like life on the beach. Then the creatures of the night would feed on them because no one was looking for them.

We also talk about how the grandfather and the stoner in Cabin in the Woods are able to see through the machinations of the dark forces by using the Devil’s Cabbage to free their pineal glands from the calcified chains of living like a square.

And I maybe let slip how I utilize the Emerald Triangle’s harvest to review films and prepare for podcast discussions. Or do we?


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