Building Up the Assault Bike


I’m tired, it’s late, and I don’t have much to say.

Mrs. Lott has been out of town for what seems like a month. She got home yesterday and is already back on the road. And I mean literally on the road. She took the car with her.

Lately I’ve been pedaling around Oakland running errands and such on my cheap Diamondback Hannjo. Most of the time I just jam to and from work along a two mile bike path through Emeryville. It’s easy peasy.

As I’ve gotten more into just cycling around, the city has started to open up for me. I made a couple of trips to Home Depot over the weekend, went grocery shopping, and even went into San Francisco.

It’s curious how each addition I make to the bike makes me want to use it more. I got some very good lights and now I like riding around at night. I even sped up my morning routine by adding two bottle cages. I take two smoothies with me to work and am stoked for the breakfast and lunch.

I’m making two essential additions this week: a front rack and fenders. I used to ride my motorcycle rain or shine, but it wasn’t nearly as rough as riding a bike in a downpour. When I rode my KTM I at least had all weather gear. I’m still rocking it like a teenager in Levi’s and Converse. I’ll probably be buried in this uniform.

Anyway, the fenders should help inclement weather riding be much more enjoyable. The rack is mostly so I can throw my lock and a gym bag in it.

I can see why people end up with multiple bikes. Once I’ve turned mine into an all-weather super-beater it’ll be heavy. It’s probably nice to just jam around on a fixed gear and a micro U-Lock without a care in the world. Those long utility bikes make sense, too. Especially for some zombie shit.


I never thought I’d be nearly 40 and crazy about a bicycle. Life is sure weird.


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