Missed Posting by a Few Hours


Keen observers may notice this blog post is going up within a very short time from the previous one. That’s because I started writing yesterday’s blog in the afternoon, tore my home apart to paint it, and then forgot to post it. So irritating.

I’m actually surprised to have made it this far without slipping up. So does that mean I broke the 365 day chain? I’ll leave that for the reader to decide, but I’m pretty much just going to give myself a yellow card on this one. Technically, I fucked up and didn’t post yesterday, but since I wrote a post yesterday, I’m going to count it.

Honestly, I wish I hadn’t gone to sleep before posting, but whatever, it’s not like I’m winning money off of this. So I’m going to take the foul, and carry on. My goal was to write every day for a year, and that goal is intact.

But for reals I fucking hate painting. If I hadn’t had to do that bullshit, this would’ve never happened.


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