Westworld, See You Later


Of all the TV I’ve binged this year (‘Member books? Yeah, I ‘member books.), Westworld was hands down the best. It had the most thoughtful score, interesting plot, and in Sir Anthony Hopkins, the best performance of the year.

The Western elements were serious Spaghetti, but had a hint of Deadwood’s muck. The sets and costume were done with care and the future/present/whatever time of the park employees was stark existential-futurism. The dark halls, glass mazes, and revealing nudity of the workshop floors felt very fresh. It is perhaps the freshest hell since Event Horizon.

And that’s giving nothing away. The show is solid. I touched on Hopkins’ performance above but there are many standouts. Ed Harris should have hung on to this look until Ridley Scott does Blood Meridian. He would’ve made an all time classic villain as The Judge.

Evan Rachel Wood was tragic sweet. What a good performance. And not hard to look at. I don’t know if she’s actually Southern, but I want to believe she is so I’m not going to look that up.

Thandie Newton as Maeve. Holy fuck. Sweet hot sexy female Spartacus of robot cowboys. I think of this character as a hero, really in the vein of Clint Eastwood’s William Munny from The Unforgiven. She wants to avenge her friends and get the fuck out of dodge. That right there is an American hero.

You could really just keep going through the IMDB list of this cast and say nice things.

The final bit of encomium I’ll lavish on this is for the score. The anachronistic old time music was aware of itself and deflected the cheesiness of its concept with an inarguably great arrangement. I love listening to it at work, pretending I’m reprogramming hot robots to murder my enemies (you know who you are). Just kidding. In my fantasy they’re just doing my job so I can go watch matinee movies in the theater.

I’m sort of glad it’s over, though. i have like a million books to read and at least a few years worth of horror films to catch up on.

I need to retire.


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