Zombie Fighting Outfits


After the first few years of fighting zombies you’d probably start to get bored with your look, which is probably something like REI meets Mad Max. How basic.

I think dressing up like you were in a Western would be a great choice. All those clothes were made to withstand rough environments and they look cool with gun belts and Bowie knives. You might even want to rock a hatchet. In the zombie apocalypse it will probably be really important to entertain yourself. What better way than by pretending to be a cowboy?

The zombies give zero fucks about your appearance, but other survivors will. When someone sees you in your period correct outlaw’s best, they will undoubtedly be weirded out. Will that work in your favor? Who knows?

In a lot of movies the apocalypse drives people into the stone age. I think something late 1800s would be possible after a few years of getting things back together.


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