The Bicycling Dead


You don’t see bicycles too often on The Walking Dead. There probably isn’t a much better way to get around in the end times. Motorized vehicles are all around, but after a few years of sitting, most would be sitting on flat, useless tires. Gas tanks would be too funky too work.

When your car dies in the zombie apocalypse, you’re probably screwed. There are so many bicycles and bicycle shops in America, it’s doubtful you’d be stuck for very long anywhere. They’re in every single Wal-Mart, too.

Bikes are quiet. You could roll in and out a city stealthily. With a  bike trailer you could haul your gear around or scavenge a pretty decent haul. A good combo would be an RV with a small squadron of bikes. Just roll the right up to the outskirts of an area you want to scout (make sure you have it facing the right way for a fast escape), and deploy the bikes.

Someone should stay and guard the RV.


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