Math Skills Not On Point


I’ve been eyeing graduate programs again (nothing anytime soon, mostly just dreaming). That always gets me thinking about the GRE and the GMAT. I completely crush the verbal portion of those  tests. The math version is a total mess.

If it’s retail math, I’m like Rain Man. I can calculate tip percentages like I was some State Fair math carney. Once you get towards dividing fractions and shit, I’m out. PEMDAS can suck my dick.

I’m trying to figure out some sort of answer to this problem and I think it’s Kahn Academy. I used a site like it back when I was in college and it really helped me through Algebra. My problem has always been laziness and inconsistency. I bet I’d get pretty far in it if I did a little everyday. Too bad there aren’t good math games. I don’t know, maybe there are.

I wish someone had told me how much of a difference math skills can make on your earning potential. If I had been explained what those d-bag Wall St. guys do, I would’ve been way more into math. Or that you can just skip college if you can code? And they give you a ridiculous amount of money? Sign me the hell up.

The other thing I’d love to figure out is Excel. People who know that grid shit are like the Navy Seals of office employees. You have to spend weeks in the icy boredom of classrooms to wedge that hateful knowledge into your noodle. It’s a true dark art.

Anyway. I’ll let you know how it goes.


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