You Can’t Beat Dopamine


I’ve seen a bunch of my friends passionately and logically make a call for their friends to stop spreading memes and false political information. Good luck with that. Meme magic is real as fuck. People share this goofy shit because they get a little charge out of it. Fact based, non-partisan stories don’t deliver the same feeling, so they will never catch on.

The entire online economy is based on triggering the release of dopamine in bored humans. If you don’t have any razzle-dazzle, you don’t have any clicks. If you don’t have clicks you don’t have advertising. If you don’t have advertising you don’t have a media empire.

Some people are trying to figure out a way to certify stories as true, but that shit is never going to happen. Who would do the certifying? Most media organizations don’t even have the money for proofreaders and fact checkers. That right there is probably responsible for a significant amount of misinformation.

Some people are calling for the government to do something. That’s about the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. You’re basically saying you need someone to help you out because you’re too lazy to look something up before you share it.

But there’s a solution. Stop sharing things that make you mad. Generally, online stories that get your blood pressure up were designed to do that. So instead of spreading around engineered shitposting, share cool photos or new music you like. It’s really not that hard, people.




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