Cleaning Meditations


Sometimes I feel like I should just quit copywriting and start a house cleaning company. I like cleaning. Just take some herbal supplements, throw on a podcast, and get to it. Of course, the money I make coming up with vegetable puns is pretty good.

Most of my Saturdays are spent cleaning up around the loft. When I’m in a bad mood and Mrs. Lott has done most of the damage, I feel like I’m living in the prequel to Fight Club, cleaning Scandinavian furniture. It can be awful. Other times I’m in the mood to create order. Those days are good days.

By cleaning your space, you can order your thoughts. Get into the dark insect graveyards where the spiders leave their prey. Organize that shelf of things you’re too afraid to throw away. Or better yet, throw it all away. It’s good to purge.

Honestly, If I made enough money, I would just hire a house cleaner.


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