Scary Thoughts Episode 4: The Neon Demon is Up


Scary Thoughts is hands down my favorite creative pursuit I’ve taken since I stopped playing D&D. It’s really fun to think about these films and explore the choices made by successful creators in a genre I fell in love with on my own, as a kid.

My co-host Marc has so many of the same interests and obsessions I do, but he comes to and leaves from them on entirely different trajectories. We should be finding so much to argue about, but what we’re doing is what I wish everyone did: conversate without being threatened by a peculiar opinion and enjoy the weirdness of another monkey’s experience.

When we meet people we should recognize them as fellow travelers on the strangest primate filled space ship in the galaxy. Can you imagine if you stopped a stranger on the street and asked him, “hey man, do you think time would go backwards if a black hole from the future crashed into a black hole from the past?”

We’re going to start creeping our tentacles into other spaces soon. We’re considering doing an episode on that new Adam Curtis film HyperNormalisation. It’s sort of  a documentary, but I think I can forge a convincing case that it’s actually a non-fiction global horror film. We have a special guest planned for this one, I’ll keep you posted on it.

If you’re thinking you want to go into that film a little more with us, check out that link, and then pick up Daniel Coffeen’s book Reading the Way of Things: Towards a New Technology of Making Sense. Also try to read Francis Fukuyama’s End of History and The Last Man. And watch the Adrei Tarkovsky films Stalker and The Sacrifice. Oh, and maybe Children of Men.

That’s some of the stuff I’ll be thinking about for that episode. But that’s going to be a few months off. Before that, we’re going to do House of the Devil. This is the first one we’re doing that I don’t have high hopes for. It looks fun and all, but straightforward.

Alright. Dinner’s ready. Check you later ghouls.


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