Perform a Political Exorcism On Yourself


There’s an old saying that goes something like, “politics is just Hollywood for ugly people.” I’m inclined to agree. What we have in this election are a collection of TV polished kooks performing leadership as it was envisioned in the 1950s. A kind of Norman Rockwell authoritarianism adorned with the twin boomer turd piles of noxious identity politics and bottom line narcissism.

No one likes power ties or pantsuits, yet we are supposed to think these dismally clad sociopaths with their lobbyist whitened smiles and corny one-liners have any idea what’s going on with real people.

These fecal souled human-demon hybrids are enabled by the celebrity cultists and student debt saddled faux-revolutionary journalists. Even uncelebrated bloggers like myself are complicit.

We need to starve these ghouls of attention. Stop giving them money. Refuse to watch them. Don’t argue on their behalf. Stop defending the indefensible. Halt the spread of their meme sophistry.

You are not a Democrat or a Republican. You are one of the most capable and glorious primates to have ever crawled out of the eternally unknowable nothingness of the unkind universe. You are a pirate space chimp, not some slave with debt chains, even if that’s what it feels like right now. You can always choose to lay in the gutter and piss in your own cereal, but don’t believe you don’t have options.




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