Feeling Good with Minimal Effort


Yesterday, instead of watching the corny ass debates, I went into the city to go climbing with some friends at Dogpatch Boulders. It’s been a few years since I’ve been bouldering with any regularity, but I was pleased to be able to climb all the V2s I tried and even one V3. Back when I was climbing often, I didn’t do much better than that.

After my PR on the Tiburon half marathon, without training, I’m starting to feel like there’s something to my minimalist approach to fitness. I haven’t felt like going into the gym, so I’ve just been doing some very light calisthenics at home. Things like weighted pull-ups, handstands, pushups, pistol-squats, and leg raises. Nothing crazy. Maybe a few kettlebell swings here and there. Maybe some yoga stretches if I’m feeling stiff.

I never really go to failure, and I don’t really even do tons of sets. I do full range of motion and actually move pretty slow through the movement. Diet-wise I’ve been eating almost all vegan stuff with a balanced, but not too rigid macronutrient ratio. Again, nothing special. I just take a few minutes a few times a day to move with a little more intensity than is necessary.

I think this sort of lazy protocol could be expanded on for average people who just want to improve a little bit and not get any flabbier. No one is going to be killing it in competition doing things this way, but that’s not what most people are doing anyway. Most of the programs and exercise modalities out there are built for extreme performers and professionals on Mexican & Chinese supplements.

This sort of lazy daily activity should be supplemented with outdoor social athletics: trail runs with friends, pick-up basketball, kayaking. Things that are challenging, but fun and adventurous.

I’m sure I’ll want to head back to the gym eventually, but I haven’t wanted to, and the surest way to hate something is to do it when you’re not feeling it.


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  1. Putting a gym in our garage was the best thing we ever did. I use it almost every day. nothing crazy but I like to keep the baseline fitness and it makes it nice and easy.

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