Pre-Debate Tin Foil Hat Territory


The more I look into it, the more the O’Keefe bird-dogging video seems to check out. You’d think the major media would be reporting on it, at least to attempt to continue discrediting O’Keefe.

It’s hard to not think conspiratorially when this video has millions of views, seems to be a sensation amongst half the country, yet isn’t trending on any social media sites. Think about it, the big nerdy dude in the red sweater from the last debate was trending within an hour of his appearance on TV.

Every single other opportunity to aggressively fact check Trumpkins gets taken. Why wouldn’t this?

I’m sure we’ll get some explanation shortly.

The only major news stories about it are from Sean Hannity (of course) and  CNN, who are attempting to distance the main campaign from Scott Foval, the man at the center of the video. This guy could be a kook, but he’s a known progressive activist who contributes to Huffington Post and he has definitely received Democrat funding.

Unless he’s some sort of insane loan wolf media operative, it means someone, maybe not a Clinton high-up, but someone, hired provocateurs to incite violence at Trump rallies.

And yes, I’m totally aware of the credibility of the video’s producer. It’s for sure true O’Keefe edited his ACORN expose video to make the interviewees look worse (which is essentially what The Daily Show does). And his hit on Planned Parenthood certainly caused that organization trouble.
Now look, I know I have a bunch of friends that consider any attack on Planned Parenthood to be something like treason to feminism. It’s easy to see why.
Facts are facts, though. They for sure donate fetal tissue for medical testing, something I’m definitely not against if it actually saves lives or aids medical breakthroughs. Some of the organizations that get this tissue seem to donate back to Planned Parenthood. Is this “buying dead babies?” No, but it’s an arrangement a lot of people are not comfortable with. Those folks rightfully might ask, “if it was all kosher, why conceal the practice in the first place?”
It’s also reasonable to ask, “if this hard core operative actually paid protesters to incite violence at Trump rallies, what else did he do?”
It makes me think about the narrative of aggressive “Bernie Bros.” I never met or saw one in real life, but the Clinton machine pushed that story hard while simultaneously doing everything possible to shit on Bernie’s campaign. Were “Bernie Bros” potentially operatives as well? Who knows? But, if true, this video reveals anything is possible.
Are the other guys doing the same thing? Probably. After all, Michael Moore is releasing his own Trump documentary. We’re going to get a masterclass in creative editing from him, but he’ll likely uncover some legit dark shit, too.
This appears to be politics as usual for everyone. It’ll be interesting if it shows up in the debates tonight. I hate that these crooks have normalized conspiracy theories.
What a country.

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