Clowns are Bullshit

Famous clown and serial killer, John Wayne Gayce. 

The news is full of the clownish billionaire behavior of Darth Orange. It’s also full of a seemingly endless stream of stories about creepy clowns skittering about the countryside. There’s a funny meme going around about it being a great time for Batman to show up.

I’ve said this before, but I think all this clown nonsense (other than the Presidential ass-clownery) is going to be revealed to have started as an ad campaign for the remake of Stephen King’s It coming out next year. New Line Cinema swear it isn’t, but who would admit to releasing this brand of childhood terror into the world?

It could also just be some giant fetish society revealing itself to the world. Sort of like furries. But worse. I wonder what the juggalo perspective is on this. Are they bummed? Are they part of the problem, like some kind of grease painted, rancid tongued vanguard?


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