Scary Thoughts Episode 3


The third episode of the Scary Thoughts podcast is out tomorrow. It’s about the film It Follows. As always, watch the movie first, otherwise the show won’t make much sense. Or don’t. You can live crazy, I don’t mind.

I’m pretty jazzed on this episode. It Follows didn’t really lend itself to the same level of obsessive research The Witch did and it wasn’t nearly as popular as Stranger Things. However, we did have some smart things to say.

I know the episode was good when I want to go back and watch the movie again. It’s not likely Mark and I will get rich from this show, but it would be amazing to be able to make a little bit of cash so I could turn down some freelance work. This show is good and I know it would be greater if we had more time to research. Fingers crossed.

The episode after this will be about Neon Demon. I loved this movie, many did not. We should be recording this weekend. I’ll keep you posted.


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