Netlfix and Kill: Digging Up the Marrow


I don’t know that I’ll be reviewing every horror movie I watch this October, but I’ll probably be writing about a few of them. Especially if nothing else is really going on. Plus, I have a horror podcast, so this is the sort of writing I should probably be doing anyway.

Unlike the podcast, these entries will probably be a little more review based. I might not watch a movie every night, but I hope to get to for most evening up until the Devil’s Birthday.

The first film of this October is an indy horror mocukmentary called Digging Up the Marrow. It was directed by genre superstar Adam Green. He’s a director known for smart takes on ultra-low budget horror films. His films, like Hatchet, are the kind of lovingly done, but thoroughly orthodox efforts that hardcore horror fans love. I’m actually new to his work, but from what I’ve seen in interviews, he seems to really nail the type of horror convention-going fans gravitate towards.

marrow 2.jpg

The real draw of this film is the creature design by artist Alex Pardee. I just absolutely love his art and was a fan from the moment I saw it in the now closed Zerofriends gallery in SF. It’s bizarre, grotesque, and colorful.

The film itself is set up as a documentary being created by Adam Green, who plays himself.  He meets a man who believes he has found a complete underground (literally) society of monsters. He calls this place The Marrow. Most of what the audience sees is “found footage” from the documentary. Green and his cameraman spend nights on the edge of a graveyard with the mysterious man, looking to get footage of the creatures.


The man behaves oddly, even for a monster tracker. He is often in the way of the cameraman’s efforts to capture the creatures, and his story begins to have more holes in it as the film progresses.

This movie is basically a delivery system for Pardee’s unique creature designs. And on that front, it delivers. I wouldn’t say this is the best horror film, but it was fun to watch, and it makes me want to check out more of Green’s movies.

Definitely do yourself a favor and check out Alex Pardee’s stuff (all images on this post are his). It’s very cool stuff.

marrow 5.jpg


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