31 Days of Horror

For years I had what I thought was an original idea. I was going to watch a different horror movie every day of October. It turns out my idea is not all that original. 

According to friends at work, Instagram, and fans of our show, Scary Thoughts, this has been a thing for some time. I am stoked on this news. 

There are tons of lists out there. I just plan on watching whatever I happen to feel like in the evening. On days I do t have much time for a full movie, I’m going to try watching horror shorts. Although, I expect most nights I’ll be able to watch something. 

I’m going to kick things off tomorrow by watching The Neon Demon again because I need to make some notes for the next show. I’m running a half marathon on Sunday, so I may watch a couple movies while I recover. 

Anyway. This is fun. If you’re into horror movies you should go for it too. 


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