Meme Magic 

In a story about a near billionaire funding the creation of anti-Hillary memes,  I learned a about a new concept: meme magic. 

The people who are most enthusiastic about this sort of thing are members of the alt-right and the denizens of 4Chan. Some of them believe that memes can function as sigils, bringing real change through obscure metaphysical mechanisms known only to the shitlord worshippers of the Egyptian God of darkness, Kek. 

This is indeed odd territory. I get the feeling most of them only say they believe this stuff because it gets a rise out of their archenemies, the beta leftists. 

Now, this is some weird shit that should’ve never been let out the Internet, but Hillary Clinton spoke the name of the alt-right on TV and then put an absurd article about how a dumb frog cartoon is actually a secret racist icon.

Well, I don’t know if it was a racist symbol before, but it certainly is now. Hillary broke the number one rule of the Internet, she fed the trolls. Just by mentioning them, the power of her status gave them a gilded lobster and truffle smoothie to butt chug. What a time to be alive. 


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