Friends and Life 

My friend Pascale’s goodbye cake (pictured above) is about as good as it gets. Her man Sean picked it up and it was a delight to us all. The party hats were a nice touch. 

I hate to see Pascale leave our work family, but she’s smart and is bouncing out to be a coder and move to the great state of Texas. If I was smarter, I might do the same. Unfortunately I can barely operate a computer. 

As a kid I never thought about people moving away. Now I have friends all over the country. If I had the means to fly around and visit everyone I would. Mostly I keep up through social media and the occasional visit back home.

If I was a billionaire I’d buy a cul de sac somewhere and invite everyone I cared about to live there. As a child, this is how I imagined heaven. Everyone I knew and loved in one place where they could hang out with me all the time. 

On my favorite show, Vikings, there are a lot of scenes where friends and family sit together in great halls, drinking mead, warming by huge fires. This is a great way to live. 

Maybe one day the world will figure out this is worth getting back to. Until then, I guess there’s Facebook. 


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