More On the Witch


We record episode 2 of Scary Thoughts this Sunday. You might recall we’re jaw flapping about The Witch. It’s one of the few  films all true and casual horror fans cited as being worth a watch. It’s a great film, even though I don’t think it even approaches being scary.

Here are some spoilers coming to your face.

The modern horror fan has been trained to identify the witch as the hero. Nothing is less welcome in today’s world than a religious zealot. From the jump I was looking for William the father to be the villain. I don’t think you could make an honest case for him being the villain. He certainly fucked up by putting his family into the woods. If he is such a hard core believer, leaving his children unbaptized is a first order fuck up. He’s personally responsible for at least two of his children burning in the hot spot.


Thomasin is electric from the moment you see her. You fall for her completely when she alphas the twin with her assertion, “nay! I be the witch o’ the wood!” That’s precisely when she decides to write her name in his book if she ever got the chance. Remember, she’s the only child who has been baptized. The Devil does not win if he only kills her. All the younger kids are damned if they die in the wild.

I still haven’t made out what I think about the bird pecking the mother’s titty. It’s definitely got something of the demonic to it. I can’t go all in on that one because I just binge watched Vikings so all giant black birds do is make me think of Odin.




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