Sunday Advice Column #27

For me, the most beautiful place in America is Nothern California. But not the politically schizophrenic, glittery urine soaked nightmare of the Bay Area. That place is a dystopian leisure world. 

What I really love is Humboldt County. And not just for the weed. I like the way it smells. I like the trees and the mountains. The isolation is glorious. And everyone I’ve met has been cool. 

I think a good life would be living in the woods and running trails everyday, writing in the evening. Reading whenever. 

It used to be that you had to sacrifice culture living away from cosmopolitan areas, but now you can get anything cool you might want from Amazon. A great thing about writing for a living is you don’t really have to be any particular place to do it. Especially now publishing is sort of decentralizing. 

On to the questions. 

When researching the right survivalist training course/workshop, what do I look for?

Make sure you have an idea where you might be doing your surviving. A jungle survival course is not going to be very useful if you live in the high desert. So pick something useful to your local. 

Another consideration is what kind of threat you think you might be dealing with. Zombies and cyborgs will require high level combat skills. If it’s a peak oil situation, maybe learn to fish and make your own clothes. 

Also, donyu want to be able to get out of a city for a while and lay low, or is living with stone tools in total isolation your bag? 

No matter what adventure you choose, make sure whoever is teaching can prove what they know is actually useful. Military backgrounds can be good, as well as people who were Eagle Scouts and such. 

What you don’t want is some Pacific Northwest weirdo with more Instagram followers than days in the woods. 

How come this advice column is so short?

Because I’m spending the three day weekend in Humboldy kayaking. See you. 


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