Oakland is Solid


The news is a force of evil. Journalists deserve to displace lawyers as the most hated class of people in America. If you listen to them every neighborhood is full of hidden evils, and Oakland is the third least friendly city in America.

When I moved to West Oakland I put my mid-90s New Orleans game face on. The one I wore back when I lived across the street from the St. Thomas Projects. I was ready for junky crime and shitty teenagers. Instead, this city has proven to be weirdly friendly and welcoming.

Our building’s neighbors are decent and the people who live in tents on our block are really friendly. Most people I pass on the street give a head nod or a “what’s up?” It’s a hard place, but it’s civil.

Now don’t get me wrong, you can’t let your guard down in any city, but Mrs. Lott and I have had nothing but small town level nice stuff happen to us. I lost my wallet on Mandela Parkway and someone turned it in to the bank. Mrs. Lott just lost her phone at First Friday and someone turned it in to the police. That shit would never happen in San Francisco.




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