Riding Bikes


When I ride my bike to work in the morning it’s fun. I have the day ahead of me. There’s a certain amount of hustle in the air and it never feels like much of a chore to peddle the two miles I ride to the office. The ride home is another story entirely.

You’d think I’d be full of happiness to jam out of work, ready to hit the road in search of adventure, but usually I just think, “fuck. I wish I had a car.” I think the big issue I have with my ride home has to do with the look of the neighborhood. On my way to work I go from a wasteland to a relatively benign corporate hells cape. The reverse is a drag.

I’ve probably saved thousands of dollars over the last 18 or so months of not owning a vehicle. Motorcycles are supposed to be cheap to maintain, but other than gas, they really aren’t that great of a bargain. My tires were always over $250. If you have to take a bike in to a mechanic, the rates usually start at $90 an hour. I’m trying to save money, so a bicycle makes sense right now. Especially since I get some new surprise bill in the mail every few days.

I really miss having a motorcycle. Riding is something I did with my friends. It’s something I did for myself and I loved it. Motorcycles and scooters defined a large part of my life and I wonder if my consistent malaise the past year or two hasn’t had something to do with being without a cool motorbike.

If I could choose any ride right now, I think I might go for some kind of big, goofy cruiser. Likely a Harley or an Indian or something classic like that. Nothing too shiny. No vintage monstrosity, just a drive across America seeing the sites kind of bike.

Fuck I need a vacation.


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