Low Vibration Lifestyle


I’ve been off the program for two weeks. Not exercising. Eating like shit. Staying up too late. Letting too much stress in. Smoking too much dope. Not stretching. Ignoring invitations to do physical activities.

It hasn’t all been a lazy loss though. I’ve been crushing through research for episode 2 of Scary Thoughts. I’ve been writing more than ever. My day job is heating up like it always does in the last half of the year.

I wish I knew why I always have so much trouble balancing health and fitness with intellectual and creative pursuits. When I’m working out a lot, I usually feel totally blown out and all I want to do is sleep. From what I’ve read, most writers don’t do much beyond walking. Sure, there are exceptions, but from what I’ve experienced, really heavy workout loads don’t seem to be very conducive to creativity. I could be wrong; I could just be blown out from all the nonsense I’ve been up to.

Interestingly enough, as soon as I started adding a lot of fat back into my diet, I started feeling overly tired again. When I was rocking high carb, low fat, mostly fruit meals, my energy levels were noticeably higher. I recovered faster and I slept better. I was also a lot leaner.

I wish it wasn’t the case, but my body is giving me pretty clear signals that the boring ass, austere vegan diet I was on was really working. I’m going to dial it back in, drop the fat and see if I notice a big difference.


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