Olympic Disasters


The above picture is of Armenian badass  Andranik Karapetyan just as his elbow broke during a 195kg [429lbs] attempt at the clean and jerk. The weight this man was throwing around is incredible. The last time I tried this lift I was happy to get 135 lbs for one rep.

The comments on this story amaze me. So many armchair lifters, who have accomplished nothing in their own lives worthy of a seat in the Halls of Valhallas, have been bloviating on his technique and what he should have done. Jesus Christ. This man is an Olympian. I’m pretty sure he knows what the fuck is up.

This is simply what going hard as possible looks like. Sometimes you eat the bar and sometimes the bar eats you. This man should be proud. He’s not going home with gold, but this is an all time awesome image.




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