Be Here Meow. 

When’s the last time you just stared at a wall and didn’t do anything? I’m not talking about the yuppie version, meditation, I mean straight up slack jawed, mind loosening doing nothing. 

Over the weekend I realized how long it had been since I wasn’t mainlining some sort of information. I’m always consuming new facts, books, podcasts, movies and whatever like the hungry ghost from Chinese mythology. 

But what are you supposed to do after you’ve crammed all that info in? I guess you’re supposed to process it into something. Like the bees who gather pollen to make honey. Here I am. Trying to puke something sweet after licking the sex organs of flowers. 

Over the weekend I made time to do nothing. It was glorious. There’s nothing metaphysical about it. My eyes unfocused and I let the world go. It turns out it goes to hell without us just fine. 

I recommend taking an hour out of this week and cut the world off. Wallow in your thoughts. Simmer in the inanity and banality of your primate genetics. Let your thoughts skip around like a flat rock thrown sidearm across a stagnant lake.

You won’t find enlighhtenement. That’s just vapor ware for the gullible consumer  of Eastern mysticism. But you might come up with some crazy shit to do over the weekend. And that’s at least something. 

Boredom is the new inspiration. 


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